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Price Is Right Memorabilia: CBS Curtain

Take a look at what I found in storage. This is a photo of a massive floor to ceiling curtain from Stage 33 at CBS Television City in Hollywood (circa 1970's). This once 30' tall curtain was gifted to me by a sweet lady in the Drapery Department at CBS during my tenure as the…

Mason On Demand: Dumbest Job Interview Responses

Each year, CareerBuilder compiles a list of the dumbest things that job applicants do during interviews. We now bring you some of those, and we wonder what was going through the minds of these applicants. Then, enjoy today's history lesson from Professor Mason Dixon and today's horoscopes from Janet Sciales, the Star Goddess!
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Pollen Problems

It's not even spring yet, but many of us are already feeling sneezy and stuffy. Pollen is in the air. Oak trees are to blame. It will stick around until May. If you're feeling allergy symptoms try staying indoors and keep your windows to your car and home closed. You may also want to see…

Where Is America's BEST Beach?

In a recent survey conducted by, Clearwater Beach, FL was voted the BEST beach in the USA. In addition, six other Florida beaches also landed in the top 10 including 2015's top winner Siesta Beach coming in at No. 3, followed by St. Pete Beach at No. 4, Pensacola Beach at No. 7, St.…