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On The Current: Robotic Surgery & Expectations For The Trump Administration’s Foreign Policy

12/20/2016 at 8:55 | Posted by rwilder
Photo Courtesy of Florida Hospital

Florida Hospital Zephyrhills is on the cutting edge when it comes to medical care. There you can find surgery options with less pain and faster recovery. Robotic surgery is on the rise. With robotic systems, like the da Vinci Surgical system, there are immense benefits for both patient and surgeon.

Roxanne Wilder speaks with Vijay Ferris, MD, Board Certified General Surgeon, about these advancements in robotic technology.

Roxanne speaks with Christopher Kelly. He’s a renowned historian and author of the critically acclaimed book “America Invades.”

Christopher answers questions regarding the new Trump administration. We live in a world replete with tremendous foreign affairs and military challenges. ISIS remains an ongoing threat in Iraq, Syria and even Libya. The refugee crisis, which has been caused by Syria’s brutal Civil war, is now the worst refugee crisis since World War II. How will our country manage moving forward?