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Judge Tosses Out ‘Titi’ Joke Lawsuit Against Ellen

02/17/2017 at 1:02 | Posted by pstreet
NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 19:  Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres appears during a taping of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in Times Square November 19, 2005 in New York City.  (Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images)
Photo Credit: (Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images)

Titi Pierce (pronounced TEE TEE)  a Real Estate agent in Georgia filed a law suit against Ellen DeGeneres and Warner Brothers for mispronouncing her name.

In a segment on Ellen’s show called “What’s Wrong With These Ads and What’s Wrong With These Signs”, Ellen referred to her as “Titty Pierce”

Titi claimed she had suffered from ridicule and harassment because of the segment on the show.

Judge Leslie J Abrams  findings on the case went all Ellen’s way!

“The title of the segment itself implies that there is something incorrect or entertaining about the forthcoming signs, and indicates that DeGeneres’ statements should not be taken literally,” Abrams found. “Nor could DeGeneres’s pronunciation be proven to be demonstrably false. The letter ‘i’ in the English language can be pronounced in several ways. While Plaintiff chooses to pronounce her name with ‘?”,’ there is nothing ‘demonstrably false’ in pronouncing it with ‘I’ as DeGeneres did. Nor would it have been defamatory to have pronounced Plaintiff’s name ‘tī-tī’ or ‘tĭ- tĭ,’ or any other possible permutation. That Plaintiff was insulted or embarrassed does not transform the different pronunciation into a false one.”