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Cars Sliding On Ice: Reasons We Live In Tampa

We know we need to be careful when Florida roads are wet, but how many Floridians have experienced driving on icy roads? There are plenty of them right now as an icy blast covers much of the United States. This is one reason we enjoy living in the Tampa Bay area!

Van Halen Home Available

Eddie Van Halen's old house is for sale. The three-bedroom, four-bath, Cape Cod-style home is on the market. It's inside a gated community and is located on a half an acre of land right in Beverly Hills. It was ten years ago that Eddie actually owned it, but because his name is on it, it…

Facebook Facial Data

How comfortable are you with Facebook's facial recognition software? Well, it's about to get more complicated because Facebook would like your permission to use your facial data as a security measure to protect you from someone who might be trying to catfish or impersonate you. But what else could your facial imprint be used for?…