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At Carnival Cruise Line, they believe that fun is a choice.

It’s either something you subscribe to or reject.

It isn’t always an easy choice choosing fun, but that’s all the more reason to grab fun when it floats your way!

You can have a little fun, so much fun, tons of fun, not enough fun, more fun, and darn, that was fun.

But regardless of what fun looks like for you, here’s a FACT:

You can never have too much of it.

It makes you a better human. A better parent. More likeable. More attractive.

We can tell you for sure, 99% of people who choose fun regret it 0% of the time - but you’ve got to want it. You’ve got to opt in.

And if you do, well, then you just might be ready for a Carnival Cruise.

They’ve helped millions of cruisers every year find fun!

Carnival. Choose Fun.

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