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PLAYLIST: Best Side A/Track 1s

Led Zeppelin’s self-titled debut album was released 49 years ago today (January 12.)  Besides being one of the best albums of all time, Led Zeppelin also has one of the best opening tracks of all time, too.

First 8 Tour Dates Of "Lost 80's Live" Tour Announced

This summer's "Lost 80's Live" tour is coming together, and the first dates are being announced. The first 8 dates include a couple of stops in New York, a few in California, Wyoming and Texas. The lineup of the show makes us hope there will be a concert date close to us! Who's playing? Check…

Crash & Buzz

A driver in North Port lost control of their SUV on Tuesday. The car went airborne and then crashed through several bee hives before it hit a tree! It made it quite a challenge for rescue workers to save the driver and the passengers with all of the bees flying down. They had to use…