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Florida Teens Laugh And Film As Disabled Man Drowns

Jamel Dunn drowned in a retention pond in the city of Cocoa on July 12. Teens laughed and filmed the incident. Police tracked down and interviewed the five teens. Cocoa Police Chief Mike Cataloupe says criminal charges won't be filed because state law doesn't require people give or call for help when someone's in distress.

Steven Tyler Has The Biggest Heart

In the middle of singing "Dream On" Steven Tyler stopped to auction off one week's stay at his private house in Maui. It was all to benefit children in the Congo who have hearing problems. The Starkey Cares Foundation fits them with hearing aids. Steven's house in Maui brought in $200,000 for the charity!

Top 20 Most Popular Hashtags On Instagram 2017

Knowing what hashtags are popular on Instagram can help your pictures get more exposure. Here's the top 20 most popular Instagram hashtags for 2017 20. #smile 19. #tagforlikes 18. #fun 17. #girl 16. #instadaily 15. #friends 10. #followme 9. #fashion 8. #happy 7. #me 6. #cute 5. #beautiful 4. #tbt 3. #photooftheday 2. #instagood 1.#love