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Port Richey Mega-Millions Winner Needs To Do This Right

Hey Mega-Million winner in Port Richey, whoever you are, take your time and do this right. Recently a MA. Powerball winner showed up at the Lottery the day after she won with no lawyer and no financial adviser. The police ended up protecting her house and then she had to move because people were flocking…

What Happens To The Frozen Iguanas?

It's so cold in Florida that Iguanas are falling from trees and freezing. Experts say to leave them alone because they will be fine when they thaw out. Going dormant is a protection device to survive the cold weather.

Video: Outrage Grows Over CNN's New Years Eve Pot Party

CNN reporter Randi Kaye did several hits from Colorado on New Years Eve. Pot is legal in Colorado, so people were passing joints and taking hits on bongs during the segment. Randi did not smoke pot herself, but Twitter is full of people who are upset that CNN is showing people how to smoke pot…