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Have you ever noticed that while you’re being eaten up by mosquitoes, your friend isn’t suffering? There are reasons why mosquitoes will be attracted to and bite some people instead of others.

Experts have narrowed down a few factors that could make you more attractive to the little blood suckers.

First, you’re pregnant. Really? Well, this is the science behind it. Women who are at least 28 weeks into their pregnancy release 21% more carbon dioxide when they breathe, and that carbon dioxide is one thing that attracts mosquitoes.

Sweat is another thing that attracts the little critters.

Mosquitoes also have a taste for a certain blood type. People with type O blood give off an odor that attracts mosquitoes.

Beer? Yes, if you have had a beer, that could also be a factor that attracts mosquitoes.
One study shows some people naturally produce mosquito repellents. Wouldn’t it be nice to be one of those people?

In case you’re not in that group, your best bet is to use a repellent. One that contains DEET is one of the most recommended products. Another way is wearing clothes, long pants and long sleeves, but that doesn’t work well in the heat.

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