PALM SPRINGS, CA - JUNE 18: McCallum Grove pond, a palm oasis on the San Andreas Fault created by water pushed to the surface from deep underground pressures, is seen on June 18, 2017 near Palm Springs, California. An earthquake early warning system, under development by U.S. Geological Survey in partnership with several major universities to give the public in California, Oregon and Washington critical seconds of notice to move or duck for cover before a major earthquake hits, may abruptly end with a Trump proposal to cut all funding for it in the upcoming budget. If federal support is allowed to continue, a version of the $38.3 million ShakeAlert system would begin before the end of 2018. The annual cost to operate system for the West Coast would be $16.1 million. Scientists maintain that a massive quake on the southern portion of the San Andreas Fault in the range of 7.8 magnitude is inevitable and long overdue, and will cause widespread devastation in Southern California. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Jamel Dunn drowned in a retention pond in the city of Cocoa on July 12. Teens laughed and filmed the incident. Police tracked down and interviewed the five teens. Cocoa Police Chief Mike Cataloupe says criminal charges won’t be filed because state law doesn’t require people give or call for help when someone’s in distress.