This photograph show assembly Microchip and Tweezers

What’s up, Big Brother?

Three Square Market in Wisconsin will be offering implants of microchips to their employees. 32M CEO Todd Westby is quoted by WXYZ saying “Eventually, this technology will become standardized, allowing you to use this as your passport, public transit, all purchasing opportunities, etc.”

Though the company says the chip is optional, those who opt in for the chip in their company will be able to make purchases in the break room, open doors, login to computers, and more using the access coding that is set up in the chip.

The report from WXYZ shares that the chip will be implanted in between the thumb and forefinger in the skin, and they are expecting at least 50 people to sign up.

Though it probably is some sort of future-happening that may eventually be a requirement in the future, I know personally, I’m totally not okay with having tech implanted into my body that is for my job.

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