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Are you an optimist? Ambitious? Practical? Someone may be able to know that just based on what flavor ice cream you enjoy.

Baskin-Robbins conducted the study with the help of a behavior food expert to find out what your favorite flavor says about you.

They started by offering the difference between those who like cones or a cup. Those who like cones are more likely to be optimists, and those who preferred cups are likely to be realists.

The study even broke into more detail. Sugar cones indicated someone who is funny, and waffle cone eaters were the types who would be the host of a party.

Now, as far as ice cream flavors go, Realists go for chocolate.

People who are Eccentric will lean toward cookies ‘n cream.

Ambitious people will prefer classic flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate.

Practical people will prefer chocolate or chocolate chip cookie dough.

One who is a Free Spirit will enjoy milkshakes.