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As Hurricane Irma roars through our area this evening, many local first responders have been ordered to stand down when it comes to responding to calls.

Just as it’s dangerous for the average citizen to be outside during strong wind gusts and torrential rain, law enforcement and emergency crews are also susceptible to the harsh weather conditions.

According to WFLA, emergency services have been suspended or reduced until further notice in these areas:

Hillsborough County
: Police and fire are not responding to emergency calls.

Clearwater: Clearwater firefighters are currently at their stations due to high winds.

St. Petersburg: Law enforcement officers and first responders are currently unable to respond to emergency calls.

Pinellas County: Deputies are off of the roadways.

Largo: It is too dangerous for The Largo Fire Department to respond to calls at this time. Calls are being documented, and crews will respond as soon as they can.

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office: Law enforcement is unable to respond to calls at this time.

Sarasota County: Emergency crews and police are unable to respond to calls past Blackburn Point Road south.

City of Sarasota: Police are currently at headquarters, unable to respond to calls. 

Hernando County: Emergency crews cannot respond to calls when winds are higher than 40 mph.

 City of North Port: Emergency crews are unable to respond to calls until winds are less than 45 mph.

In the event of an emergency, do your best to mitigate the situation, stay calm, and try calling 9-1-1 to see if you can file your emergency call so that first responders can respond as soon as they are able.

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