Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Inspire Nashville

FLASHBACK: Damn Yankees "High Enough"

Today (September 11th) is Tommy Shaw's birthday. Many give most of their attention to Styx regarding his musical career, but we'd like the acknowledge his involvement of perhaps one of the most unique supergroups of all time, Damn Yankees, in particular the fantastic time capsule that is the video for the band's smash hit "High Enough."

Remember when music videos had plots?!  Better yet...remember music videos?!  It's certainly difficult to forget this one.

A couple on the run...

A police standoff...

Ted Nugent inexplicably chomping on gum the entire video AND his involvement in the video's "twist ending..."

One thing is for certain:  Shaw sure does know how to craft a grand, sweeping hit song.


Damn Yankees - High Enough (Official Video)

Watch the official video for the Damn Yankees' "High Enough," a 90's rock ballad that rose to No. 3 on U.S. Hot 100 chart. The band's songs appeared on several Hollywood film soundtracks, such as Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Nothing But Trouble and The Taking of Beverly Hills.

Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock reporter that loves the smell of old vinyl in the morning.