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Are you a mom who has power on at your house? Invite your other mom friends over for a play date. Those without power will love you for it!

Here are some indoor play dates that are sure to be crowd pleasers:
1. Dance Parties. Make it a theme and have the guests arrive in costume or let them each take turns being DJ’s.
2. Sensory Activities: For the little ones, let them explore their “touch” sense with jello jigglers, spaghetti, or finger paints.
3. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt. Let the kids hunt for items around the house that start with each different letter of the alphabet.

Or if you’re AC is still out, take the kiddie pool inside and let the kids splash around. Or have a “Frozen” themed play date. Check out more ideas here.

And our friends over at Tampa Bay Times provided a great list of ways to manage your stir crazy kids by taking advantage of some of our fun, kid-friendly spots around the bay area.