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(L-R) American actors Joyce DeWitt, John Ritter (1948 - 2003) and Suzanne Somers in a full-length promotional portrait for the television series, 'Three's Company', 1979. (Photo by ABC Television/Courtesy of Getty Images)

You may have watched each episide of “Three’s Company”, but there may be details about the show you haven’t heard before. Here are some that might surprise you.

Billy Crystal auditioned for a role on the show before he landed a spot on “Soap.”

Loni Anderson also failed to earn a spot on the show after her audition before she was cast for “WKRP in Cincinnati.”

Suzanne Somers left the show because she wanted to be paid as much as John Ritter.

The girl walking on the sidewalk during the opening credits when John Ritter rides his bike into the sand is actually…

…Suzanne Somers in a wig!

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