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It’s almost winter. You know what that means, uggs, puffy coats, and lots and lots of Netflix!

If you are worried that you might run out of things to watch on the streaming service before winter is over, think again!

Reason being, there’s actually a hidden list on Netflix that you can unlock to watch thousands of shows and films you wouldn’t ordinarily see directly on the main screen on Netflix.

A list on the Netflix Codes website reveals several categories that together contain thousands of shows and movies you would otherwise not have access to.

And let’s be clear, there’s no shortage of categories to choose from. This list will definitely keep you occupied for the whole winter.

From Zombie Horror Movies, TV Comedies, Teen TV Shows, to Classic Musicals, the hidden list on Netflix is truly for everyone!

To access these hidden shows/movies, you add the category and code to the end of the Netflix link like this:


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