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APALACHICOLA, FL - (Photo by Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images)

We’ve been shown that you don’t need to visit a big city for great food and atmosphere. This is a list of 8 small towns in Florida where you can find something special when it comes to finding fun food.

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In the Tampa Bay area, there are still some places with that small town feel. Tarpon Springs feels like a completely different place when you visit and find the small Greek restaurants. The article also spotlights Gulfport, another place where you will find some unique boutique restaurants. Somehow, left off the list was Dunedin, which we will explore here another day.

Another couple of places on the list near enough to the Tampa Bay area for a day trip are Mt. Dora, Winter Garden and Dade City.

Check out the full list. Are there any other small towns in Florida you know of that fit in with these?