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With all of the sad, worrisome events going on in the world, it’s hard to imagine that folks would get in an uproar over a woman posting photos of herself working out in a Target store. But should we expect any less from online trolls?!

So this adorable mom posts a photo of herself working out in a Target store. She’s a multi-tasking mama. What new mom can find time to squeeze in a workout? I applaud her for it! But oh boy, did the internet bullies come out in droves. They accused her of being an obsessed whacko and one said she needed to take Xanax. Hey, maybe rather than hide behind your computer you, Mr. or Ms. Comment Section Bully, need to go get your own workout on. Good luck!

And I, personally, would rather see someone working out in a store than bumping into people with their head glued to their iPhone.

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