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You want to go visit all of your kooky relatives, but the travel to your destination is quite grueling. Travel during the Thanksgiving season is the worst.

If you’re driving, plan to leave the Sunday before Thanksgiving at 6 a.m. for a smooth trip, according to Google Maps.

The worst day to leave is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. But if you have to travel on Wednesday, head out at 7 a.m. and try to be to your destination before 3 P.M.

The Insider studied the numbers from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics and figured out the best and worst times to fly over Thanksgiving. So when should you book your flight to avoid delays and crazy crowds?

1. Fly out the Saturday before Thanksgiving. That’s the very best day to travel, and the second best is on Thanksgiving itself.

2. Don’t book your tickets for Sunday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving. That’s the worst time to travel.

3. When you’re headed home, Black Friday is the best day to fly.

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