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398171 04: As the holiday season approaches, homeowners get into the Christmas spirit by decorating their homes and palm trees December 4, 2001 with lights and ornaments in Miami, Florida. This year, many of the decorations took on a patriotic theme as the war against terrorism continues. The spruced up homes come despite what analysts predict will be a slow season for retailers. Consumers are spending less money amid concens about a weakened economy and possible future terrorists attacks. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

We’re in Florida, so we’re not going to have all of the same traditions found in so many other states over the holidays. No snowmen, no snow angels… we may still come up with a few of our own. Check out some that you may have experienced.

Thanksgiving dinner…outside! Yes, we have the weather where we can enjoy an outdoor experience in November.

We also have times when Christmas can be enjoyed outdoors, so why not at the beach?

We also string up lights on whatever trees we have nearby, so start wrapping those strings of lights around palm trees!

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