MUNICH, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 25: Traditional Christmas ginger bread reindeer seen at the annual Christmas market at Marienplatz with the Town Hall in the background on its opening day on November 25, 0213 in Munich, Germany. Christmas markets, which traditionally sell mulled wine, stollen cake, Christmas tree ornaments and other crafts and are an essential part of German Christmas tradition, open across the country this week. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

So how much do you tip the people who help you be the best you every year?

The Postal Worker – Federal Regulations prohibit your postal worker from accepting cash or gifts over $20, but a $20 dollar gift card -sweet!

Your Dog Walker – Experts think a weeks fee would be jolly!

Doorman – if you have one – suggested tip $25 – $150

Manicurist  – experts say a tip equal to your full bill on one visit sparkles!

Baristas – depending on how close your are to your favorite Barista – $20-$40

Hairstylist – the cost of one of your regular visits makes a great tip.

Yoga Instructor – experts say $50 – $100 tip would be zen.

Bartenders – $10 – $20 is a Merry tip!

Babysitters or Nanny – A weeks pay is a great tip.

Parking Garage Attendants – $25 – $75

Garbage Workers – $20 to $25 is a great tip.