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SAN LEANDRO, CA - NOVEMBER 26: Alameda County firefighter Dave Jansen monitors a turkey fryer full of boiling oil during a safety demonstration November 26, 2003 in San Leandro, California. Serious home fires and fatalities have been linked to deep-frying turkeys in homes on stovetops. Turkey fryers should be used outdoors, a safe distance away from buildings and other combustible materials. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Each year, fire departments across the country are called for those deep-frying disasters by people who didn’t follow the safety routines for their Thanksgiving meal. Here’s how to do it right, and what can happen if you do it wrong.

This first video is a good demonstration of how to do things correctly.

The second video is a great demonstration of how to have big problems.

Don’t ever deep fry a frozen turkey. Don’t ever deep fry your turkey inside your house or garage, or on your porch.
Do measure the needed amount of oil using water.

Do enjoy your deep fried turkey safely!