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WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 25: Volunteers serve Thanksgiving meals during the annual Feast of Sharing event at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center November 25, 2015 in Washington, DC. Thousands of local needy residents attended the event and enjoyed a meal including turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

What is YOUR favorite side dish during your Thanksgiving meal. Here is a list of the most popular, ranked by popularity.

11. Salad
Okay, this one might surprise you, but there’s an interesting reason for salad. With most of the foods for Thanksgiving being so rich, salty and creamy, salad breaks up the usual heavy items and keeps your taste buds from becoming bored.
10. HOMEMADE Cranberry Sauce
9. Cornbread
8. Green Bean Casserole
7. Sweet Potatoes
6. Rolls
5. Macaroni & Cheese
4. Gravy
3. Stuffing
2. Mashed Potatoes
1. CANNED Cranberry Sauce