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Internet bullies took to the interwebs to berate Jessica Simpson for allowing her daughter to wear make-up. Simpson posted a cute photo of herself with her daughter at a make-up counter having fun.

And the flood gates opened. “That’s her favorite store?? OMG. She should be playing outside or learning about the world not sitting in a chair putting on make up at MAC. What’s wrong with you?” wrote one Instagram follower with a lot of time on her hands.

That will show you, Jessica. How dare you post a photo of quality time spent with your daughter?! On a positive note, there were plenty of sweet comments to Jessica.

As a new mom, I’m not going to allow my daughter to wear make-up at whatever I deem to be too early of an age when she’s going to friends’ houses or school, but I’m certainly going to let her experiment with make-up (as early as she wants to…whenever she moves past the stage where she wants to eat it) at home or with me.

I’m proud to say that I grew up in a fair and strict household, but I was not allowed to wear make-up for a while. And guess what…as a grown woman, I’m terrible at putting on make-up. So there is some benefit to starting early and developing that artistic skillset. Bottom line, your house, your rules. I applaud moms who say, “I don’t allow my daughter to wear make-up until such and such age,” and I applaud moms who say, “I’m going to let her wear make-up early and she can wear it wherever she wants to.” Parents need to worry less about what other parents do. Create your family’s values and rules in whatever way YOU feel is best.

~Roxanne Wilder

To see the adorable photo, click here.