Well even after Sunday’s ugly loss let me be the 1st to say that I’m still flying my Buc colors loud and proud. Being born and raised right here in Tampa Bay I’ll always stand behind my Tampa Bay Buc’s. However just like all the other fans it sucks to see us loose a game in the final seconds of the game, or to miss field goal’s over and over and over. I was guilty of using some colorful words after the game last Sunday as I’m sure a lot of die hard fans did as well. Speaking of foul (no pun intended) language, it seems a not so nice scene took place in the locker room after the game when the Buc’s Chris Baker was smiling about the the huge penalty that he was called on in the final seconds of the game that may have taken any chance of a comeback away from the team. Seems his fellow team mates including Jameis Winston were more than a little upset and were about to lay some smack down on him. During some post game interviews you could hear Jameis and some fellow team members getting it started and others had to intervene to keep it from getting out of hand.

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