Hey, we all have that one person in the neighborhood that likes to go overboard with the lights at Christmas. I mean how many times have you gone down a street to see the glow from someones home from blocks away. now I’m not saying that anything is wrong with catching the spirit of the holidays, in fact I support it. I have seen where people have spent months putting up decorations and lights and having power bills that go into the thousands.
That leads me to this story I have found about a guy that wanted to take it on the road when it came to spreding the Christmas cheer. He decorated his car with thousands of lights and would drive throughout the streets of the city for people to see. That is until he was pulled over and given a ticket to the tune of $232 bucks! He has been doing this for the past 5 years, and in fact people looked out for him to come down the street. He called it “Spreading the Glow”

CLICK HERE to see the car.