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CESENA, ITALY - MAY 18/19: Technogym Village: the wellness campus, where technology and equipment for gyms and Olympic champions are created. (Photo by Guido De Bortoli/Getty Images)

Have you spent much of your life living a sedentary lifestyle? It’s hard not to…It’s so much fun to binge on Netflix and of course, many of us are stuck all day at a computer.

Well, here’s some good news. According to a new study, you can reverse the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle in only TWO YEARS, even if you’ve never stepped foot in a gym.

But the key is that you must work out REALLY hard, meaning weightlifting and high-intensity interval training. After only two years, you can expect to have more flexible heart muscles, which is a good thing.

The one caveat is that you have to do this before you hit 65.

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