MIKHMORET, ISRAEL - JULY 3: A volunteer at the sea turtle rescue center tends to injured Loggerhead turtles July 3, 2006 at Mikhmoret in central Israel. From transplanting turtle nests during the nesting season to protected beaches, through the rescue and treatment of wounded turtles brought in by fishermen or washed up on Israel's shores, to the development of a long-range breeding program for the threatened Green turtles, the volunteers and staff of the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority are doing their best to protect the creatures, whose numbers have dwindled in the Mediterranean to an estimated 350 nesting female Green turtles and about 2500 nesting female Loggerheads. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

900 cold-stunned turtles have been rescued from the Gulf. Lots of them were taken to Clearwater Aquarium where they were examed, treated and then put into warm water pools to swim around and get free food until the water warms up enough for them to return to the Gulf! Happy Ending!