The parents David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49 were charged with torture and child endangerment. Their bond set at $9 million. Police will hold a press conference at 1p today. The children were aged 2 – 29 years old and police say they were all in their pajamas in foul smelling rooms chained to their beds. The 17 year old girl managed to grab a cell phone and escape the house to call 911. The police interviewed her and then swept in to arrest the parents. The couple filed for bankruptcy in 2011 and were said to be $500,000 in debt. David Turpin worked as an engineer earning $140,000 a year while Louise stayed at home with the kids. Neighbors said the children looked like Twilight vampire pale, like they were never outside. Some neighbors did not know the couple had any children. One neighbor said that Louise spit on the ground in front of the police when she was arrested.

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