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Billy Joel Plays Fan Favorites In Tampa Bay

Friday night and 20,000 people poured in to the Amalie Arena awaiting the Piano Man to play his greatest hits.

That's just what he did! He changed it up a bit for his fans who've waited for his return back to Tampa Bay since 2016. He played multiple choice with the crowd, spitting out songs from albums and cheers choosing what song would echo the arena walls next.

"Let's try that again," he told a sold-out Amalie Arena. "Just the Way You Are? Vienna?" Vienna was the chosen song by the crowd even though the other song was a major hit that hit the airwaves. "The other song was a big hit single, and the other was just an album track," he said. "But you guys found it on your own."

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What many don't realize is that Billy Joel hasn't put out any new songs or albums since 1993, when he released River of Dreams. It's an astonishing sight to see arenas sell out worldwide, while the last time he was ever on the charts was 25 years ago. He joked, he's been on the classical charts and chuckled. "I haven't been on the charts in 25 freakin' years. … So what do I know? Don't listen to me, because I don't know what I'm talking about."

Many felt lucky to be in the presence of Billy Joel, because there's been speculation that this would be his last show in Tampa, since he's turning 70. He gave a nod to Paul Simon by playing a snippet of Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard, who announced his farewell tour this past week. Billy Joel enjoys what he does and can do it for hours clearly for the fans, but at some point he's going to have to stop. With all the farewell concert announcements, it can only make us wonder... Will the Piano Man be next?

????Only the good die young???? #BillyJoel

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