Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

I Want To Rock-N-Roll All Night...

If you listen to Q105 with any regularity, you may have heard me play a KISS song on the air and mention that KISS was in fact the first live rock concert that I ever attended. The concert was held in 1976 at the Lakeland Civic Center. At the beginning of the show, there were four very large boxes on the stage that exploded, revealing the band members in their costumes. It was an awesome show that I will never forget.

Fast-forward 35 years, and I found myself interviewing Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons at KCBS/KCAL-TV in Los Angeles. Paul and Gene had just opened their new chain of restaurants called Rock & Brews. When I told Gene and Paul that they were my first... Gene quipped, "I doubt it, I've always been into girls". Typical Gene Simmons, quick-witted.

I have had the chance to eat drink and be merry at a Rock & Brews... and they are a fun place to blow off steam. Click the link above to find a location nearest you.

Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons were an absolute delight to interview. Off camera they were charming and very generous. My wife and I have had the chance to hang out with both guys since, and (needless to say) they are really fun to be around. It was a dream-come-true to meet and have the chance to hang out with members of a band that I grew up listening to.