Disney Changed Famous Scene On 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Ride

Anyone who's been to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom or to Disneyland knows the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' ride, and one of the memorable scenes on the ride is the auction. Disney has changed it to no longer feature women being sold off to pirates. Take a look and see what they've done.

Clearly, in today's world of political correctness, the idea of glorifying selling women is no longer the same 'cartoonish' scene as when it had originally been created.

The Disney imagineers made the changes, and Redd, the redhead that was being sold in the old scene, is now a participant in the selling of captured 'booty,' in this case, rum.

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New Red Head Scene | Pirates of the Caribbean | Walt Disney World

Disney has finally unveiled the brand new Red Head scene for its' classic attraction Pirates of the Caribbean. This is the ride at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. For more information on today's DIS Daily Fix, visit http://www.wdwinfo.com/dailyfix Subscribe to the DIS YouTube Channel - Be the first to watch!