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Hot dogs? Cracker Jacks? Soft pretzels? Oh, these are far too ‘normal’ to even consider. No, league-wide, Major League Baseball stadiums have been ramping up the craziness of their menus. Let’s see what the top 10 strangest baseball stadium foods are according to USA Today.

  • 10. Crème Brulee French Toast – Boston Red Sox
    Possibly the most appetizing dessert on the list.
  • 9. An Ode to Detroit Dog – Detroit Tigers
    Could be spicy to some.
  • 8. Chick-Ago Sandwich – Chicago Cubs
    Welcome to Chicago. It tastes just as you’d expect.
  • 7. Greens and Grains – Pittsburgh Pirates
    Vegan-friendly stadium food?
  • 6. Cuban Burger – Chicago White Sox
    A Cuban sandwich with beef AND pork, but on a hamburger roll?
  • 5. Distillery Poutine – Toronto Blue Jays
    For non-Canadians, it must be tried to be understood.
  • 4. Spec-Tater – Atlanta Braves
    A baked potato.. stuffed, big-time.
  • 3. Dilly Dog – Texas Rangers
    A pickle stuffed with a hot dog, then deep fry the whole thing.
  • 2. Asada Dog – Arizona Diamondbacks
    An 18 inch hot dog coated with the works!
  • 1. Rocky Mountain Po’boy – Colorado Rockies
    With all of the toppings, you’d never realize you’re eating…well, it features Rocky Mountain oysters.

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