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Many are screaming “racist” after the arrest of two black men at a Starbucks.

Last Thursday, two black men were arrested while waiting at a Philadelphia Starbucks and the company (along with Philly police) are facing fierce criticism.

The chief executive of Starbucks has called for “unconscious bias” training for store managers and apologized Monday for what he called “reprehensible” circumstances that led to the arrest of two black men at one of the coffee chain’s Philadelphia stores last week.

“My responsibility is to look not only to that individual but look more broadly at the circumstances that set that up just to ensure that never happens again,” Johnson told an interviewer.

Starbucks said later Monday that the manager “is no longer at that store.”

Johnson, who met Monday with Philadelphia’s mayor and police commissioner, plans to deliver a face-to-face apology to the two men who were arrested Thursday. But that news is NOT calming the emotions of the black community in Philly.

Rich Fields is a veteran radio broadcaster who is best known for having been the Announcer on the Price is Right. He is also an Emmy Award winning Meteorologist .