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For those who follow the show ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ having guest stars is fairly common. For the season finale, which will feature a planned wedding, the guest list is looking pretty impressive! (Possible spoiler alert)

Along with our fearless cast of brainiacs and Penny, there are friends and family you’ll want to see.

Amy’s parents will be in attendance, so look forward to seeing Kathy Bates and magician Teller.

Sheldon’s older brother will be played by Jerry O’Connell, and his sister Missy will once again be played by Courtney Henggeler. Mary Metcalf continues her role as his mother.

Semi-regular Wil Wheaton will be, of course, Wil Wheaton.

John Ross Bowie will be fellow scientist Barry Kripke.

The biggest name may be Mark Hamill, whose role on the show has not yet been revealed.

The season finale of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ will air Thursday, May 10.

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