A California Judge has ruled that Jared Taylor, founder of the publication American Renaissance, can proceed with a lawsuit against Twitter. Taylor sued Twitter in February, alleging that the company had violated civil rights and contract law by banning two of his accounts. Yesterday, California Judge Harold Kahn said that Twitter hadn’t made a strong enough argument for throwing it out altogether.

Twitter argued that Taylor’s complaint violated California’s anti-SLAPP law, which penalizes malicious lawsuits meant to suppress speech. Taylor wants a court to make Twitter reinstate his accounts and stop enforcing a rule that lets it ban any user for any reason, which Twitter argues is akin to controlling which stories a newspaper prints. The Judge called Taylor’s case a “classic public interest lawsuit.

“It goes to the heart of free speech principles that long precede our constitution.” While Kahn didn’t specifically mention it, Taylor is one of several people who have sued digital platforms for alleged ideological bias, and the claim is widespread enough to have generated a hearing in Congress.

Judge Kahn was also sympathetic to Taylor’s claim that Twitter had misled the public by saying its platform was “open to everyone”, then allegedly banning people based on their political viewpoints.

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