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A piece of Beatles history and auto history could be yours this September. John Lennon’s first-of-its-kind station wagon is heading to auction.

The Mercedes-Benz TD 300 diesel wasn’t available for sale in the US at the time of purchase. But Lennon had an assistant hop over to Europe with a $30,000 check, $90,000 in today’s dollars, and ship it back across the Atlantic.

The car stayed in the family’s possession until 1986, when it was sold and has changed hands several times since.

On September 1st, Worldwide Auctioneers will put it on the block at an event in Auburn, IN with no reserve price, where it’s likely to sell around $25,000.

What’s the oldest used car you’d purchase? Is it the miles or age of a car that would put you off from buying? How old is your current car?

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