Jack Nicholson did NOT want Cher to star with him in The Witches of Eastwick.

The news was broadcast to an audience at one of Cher’s two sold out shows in Atlantic City over the weekend.

According to People Magazine, Cher told her concert audience that she had just had her 40th. birthday party and was feeling pretty good about life. However, the next morning, “Eastwick” director George Miller called to give Cher some bad news.

Miller said, (quoting Cher) “I just wanted to call and tell you that I don’t want you in my movie. Jack Nickolson and I think that you’re too old and you’re not sexy. I hate the way you walk, I hate the way you talk, I don’t like the color of your hair and I don’t like your eyes.”

Cher said she replied by saying, “OK, look mother(effer), you didn’t find me under a rock. I was nominated for an Academy Award for “Silkwood”. And I received a Cannes Film Festival award for best actress for “Mask”. So goodby!” And she hung up on Miller.

The response must have hit home because, of course, Cher ended up with the lead in “Eastwick”.


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