Baking pumpkin and apple pies is a fun fall activity. But which do you prefer?

While its hard to imagine with the current warm temperatures here in the Tampa Bay area, fall is almost upon us. If fall is your favorite season, you could be a “fallophile”, (Fall·o·phile: n. A lover of fall). It is sometimes hard to get into the fall spirit with the lack of seasonal change here locally, however the activities on the survey below may just remind you why so many people call it their favorite season of all.

A new survey by Country Living  had people vote on what their favorite fall activity was. Check and see how YOUR favorite activities compared to the results below:

  1. Sweaters or blankets – 51% said they preferred sweaters
  2. Pumpkin picking or apple picking – 62% said pumpkin
  3. Haunted houses or scary movies – 57% picked scary movies
  4. Pumpkin pie or apple pie – 52% said pumpkin pie
  5. Making a Halloween costume or purchasing one – 64% said homemade
  6. Tailgating for a football game or watching at home – 73% picked watching at home
  7. Apple cider donuts or caramel apples – 57% said donuts
  8. Thanksgiving sides or Halloween candy – 76% went with Thanksgiving

Fall is still about a month away (Sept 22nd.), but hopefully this got you in the mood.

Rich Fields is a veteran radio broadcaster who is best known for having been the Announcer on the Price is Right. He is also an Emmy Award winning Meteorologist .