The latest viral online challenge is called “Tip The Bill”.

While most of the recent online challenges have been quite meaningless to downright dangerous, (such as the “Hot Water Challenge”), its nice to see one come along that is actually a positive thing and something I can support.

According to , the Tip the Bill challenge encourages you to leave 100% on your bill as gratuity for your waitress or server on your food bill. It’s a very kind and thoughtful thing to do, especially when you have received excellent service.

This comes at a time when apparently people are not tipping their servers an appropriate amount. According to, as much as 40% of people are unaware of the minimum suggested tipping amount of 15-20% and are just bad tippers. Its difficult enough for servers these days, so why not take this challenge?

Obviously, tipping 100% of the bill may not be affordable for everyone on every bill, but when you can do it… why not do so? Keeping in mind how hard they work, getting a $10 tip from someone who only had $10 tab will truly make someone’s day.

Plus for those who are social media fans, you can take a picture of the tab with the tip you leave. It makes for a great post as well as bragging rights! Be sure to hashtag your post with #TipTheBill or #TipTheBillChallenge.

Or you can simply do it for a better reason, the gratification of helping others. Hmmm, that’s a novel idea.

Rich Fields is a veteran radio broadcaster who is best known for having been the Announcer on the Price is Right. He is also an Emmy Award winning Meteorologist .