Jameis Winston versus Ryan FitzMagic, who will be the Bucs QB after next week’s Monday Night Football game?

With the recent success of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, fans want nothing to change, especially the quarterback. So what do the network sports analysts have to say about Jameis vs. FitzMagic?

Below is video from CBS Sports Radio featuring host Damon Amendolara from The D.A. Show which airs 9a-12p ET on CBS Sports Radio daily. Watch the show live at WatchDA.com

Let’s keep in mind that Jameis Winston is a grown man. Who gropes a female Uber driver? Who gropes a female at all? It’s time the NFL weeds out the Neanderthals who think they are above the law and beyond reproach. Fans are sick and tired of the double standards in the NFL.

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