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The predictions for 2018 tell us that the leaves will change a little later than last year. Having said that, where are the best places to see the colors of the leaves? has put together a map showing which shows the best guesses they have as to where tourists have the best opportunity to get the best peak colors.

Here are some of the best predictions as to where and when to go see the leaves change colors.

Far in the Midwest and Northeast and some western higher elevations, the changes have begun. including upstate New York. Northern Maine will soon feature bright colors.

By the start of October, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Colorado and New Mexico will be getting close to their peak.

By mid-October, you can add in far more states. The South will still remain ‘unchanged.’ In the third week of October a few more states have joined the rest .

The last few days of October will feature some states a little further south, such as Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Once we’ve entered November, most of the country will be moving “beyond peak”. though California and southern states may still be going strong.

Now as we get closer to Winter, only a few places such as those southern states will still be in play. Northern and Northwestern states won’t have much to see.

So get those road maps out and begin planning your fall trip through brightly colored tree-laden areas and, of course, have your cameras ready.

Click here to see the prediction map.