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This is why you always need to look for the little blue verified checkmark on social media sites. A Bruce Springsteen fan was scammed out of thousands after exchanging messages on a fake Facebook page for The Boss.

After months of communication, the woman was eventually convinced that the imposter Springsteen would leave wife Patti Scialfa for her, but he needed money since Scialfa controlled the bank accounts.

So “Mary” sent hundreds of dollars in iTunes gift cards, then $11,500 more in a wire transfer, to help Springsteen get his gold, “worth millions,” out of Dubai.

Claiming that she was perhaps “brainwashed,” Mary told CBS Chicago that “it hurts and you feel so stupid.”

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Are you surprised how many people still fall for these kinds of internet scams? To help others avoid being taken for a ride, which other scams have you come across?