Whether at work or at school, organizing a food drive is a great way to bring everyone together to help those in need.  However, there’s a lot to considering in order to make your food drive a success.  Here are just five tips to considering when organizing a food drive.

Set a specific run time:  Two weeks?  A month?  However long your food drive will last, make sure you determine that before you start spreading the word.

Set a drive goal:  Setting a drive goal is a good way to create initiative to get more people to donate and get involved in order to really make a difference.

Partner with another group/organization:  That whole “teamwork makes the dream work” saying isn’t just a throwaway phrase; the more forces backing a food drive, the more likely you are to receive more donations.  Plus, if you partner with one group/organization, it may inspire others to join you for your cause.

Identify items you’re looking for/not looking for:  Another big tip for any food drive is to be clear about the items you’re accepting and not accepting.  This will not only make collecting items more efficient, but it will make sure you’re collecting the right items as well.

Remind people to participate before your run time deadline:  We’ve all forgotten about a due date or deadline before, so make sure you continue your communication about your food drive even after it starts.  Running a two week food drive at your work?  Send out reminder emails a week in and in the drive’s final days or mention the drive during a regularly scheduled weekly meeting.

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