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Rich Fields

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A group that is behind a transportation referendum in the Bay Area has released a list of the Tampa area intersections that have had the most accidents between May 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018. NewsChannel 8 has published the list and we’ve copied it below. Are any of these intersections a surprise to you?

#1 – Sheldon Rd / Waters Ave: 107 accidents
#2 – Anderson Rd / Waters Ave: 103 accidents
#3 – Waters Ave / Hanley Rd: 98 accidents
#4 – Hillsborough Ave / Sheldon Rd: 96 accidents
#5 – 301 / Gibsonton Dr: 95 accidents
#6 – Waters Ave / Himes Ave : 89 accidents
#7 – 301 / Big Bend Rd: 86 accidents
#8 – Bruce B Downs / Fletcher Ave: 84 accidents
#9 – Bloomingdale Ave / Bell Shoals Rd: 82 accidents
#10 – Bloomingdale Ave / Providence Rd: 81 accidents

Is anyone else surprised that no intersections along Dale Mabry made this list?

I live in Pinellas County, where bad intersections seem abundant. East Bay and Missouri in Largo is an intersection that I often see the remnants of bad accidents at when I drive home at night. Also, U.S. 19 has some kind of major issue every evening during the drive home. And what could be safer for all the unfamiliar tourist drivers than the round-a-bout at Pier 60? , I call it the “Circle From Hell”.  That round-a-bout HAS GOT to be one of the areas having a high number of accidents… there is always a fender-bender their.

In short, it appears that we are all surrounded with bad driving and dangerous intersections. So, while driving, just keep in mind that somebody is counting on you making it back home in one piece. Maybe it’s your spouse, a child, even a beloved pet… how do you think they would cope without you ever returning again?

Let’s all slow down and take out time. Make it a point to do one courteous thing while driving each day. That one act of kindness will grow and multiply, just watch. Please drive safely.

Rich Fields is a veteran radio broadcaster who is best known for having been the Announcer on the Price is Right. He is also an Emmy Award winning Meteorologist .