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You’re busy. You don’t have time to wait in the checkout line at the supermarket or worse, circling the lot looking for a parking spot. So if you’re willing to change your shopping schedule, you can reclaim those minutes you would have wasted reading trashy magazines near the register.

Fortunately the TODAY show spoke with experts from some of the biggest chains to give us the scoop on which are the best days and times to get in and get out without the stress.

Try to avoid the lunch rush at Whole Foods in urban areas while evenings are the worst in the ‘burbs. Peak hours at Kroger is from 3-8pm, but the best time to nkjshop is actually before work on Wednesdays when the shelves are fully restocked.

Big box warehouses like Costco and Sam’s Club are packed on the weekends, and you can forget around the holidays, but hit them up on a Tuesday where “It’s like a ghost town.”

What’s your trick for getting out of the supermarket quickly? How do you choose the checkout line?

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