Is your child eating their school lunch from a cafeteria that is a bonafide health risk?

Anchor Wendy Ryan at ABC Action News spent months on this investigation and discovered schools in six of the largest counties in the Tampa Bay area failed health inspections this year..

Dozens of Tampa Bay area school cafeterias are failing health inspections with reports of live roaches, rats and rodent droppings, but the news outlet uncovered that inspectors will not shut down school kitchens for those violations. Why?

When state health inspectors find rats, roaches or no hot water in a restaurant, it’s immediately closed. But unbelievably, the investigation found that the cafeterias with these same violations are left open.

Here is a quick breakdown of the results:

  • Polk County had nine schools fail the latest inspections.
  • Citrus County had two schools that failed inspections.
  • Hillsborough County had ten schools fail inspections.

No hot water was a common violation among cafeterias that failed inspections in Hillsborough. So how are the cafeteria staffers even washing their hands?

For more information on this story or for a list of the schools with violations in each county check HERE!

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