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Even with all the new communication avenues available to us today, texting, face timing, etc., it’s still a very difficult task maintaining a “long distance” relationship.

A recent survey reported on SWNS,  found that 42% of long distance relationships don’t survive the “long-distance” part. The survey also said you have to be more than 132 miles apart for it to even qualify as long distance.

Researchers polled over 1,000 people in the US who have actually been in a long distance relationship. It showed that 58% of them did survive, leaving 42% that didn’t make it. Bad news is that only means they survived the long distance part, but not necessarily that they stayed together.

A 58% success rate is not bad. Especially since 27% of them never lived close in the first place. Most of them had met on line and lived in different areas or cities. That 27% had the odds against them to start.

Below are a few more stats about the long distance survey:

  • How far apart do you have to be to qualify for “long-distance”? – Average answer was 132 miles
  • The 4 month mark was noted as the hardest and when you are most likely to break up, but if you make it to 8 months, your chances go way up.
  • The average couple sends 343 texts a week while dating long distance, and spends 8 hours talking on the phone, or using services like Skype or Face Time.
  • The poll says the very hardest thing about the long distance relationship is the lack of physical intimacy, followed by a fear that your partner will meet someone else, feeling lonely and how expensive it is to visit each other.

Being apart in this situation just sounds like more of an inconvenience to me. If a relationship is good, its worth the price. It’s a heck of a lot better these days than the old school ways of using the old fashion telephone call, paying long distance charges “per minute”, or hand writing letters for snail mail to each other. That was when it was really tough to maintain a long distance relationship, if you ask me.

Rich Fields is a veteran radio broadcaster who is best known for having been the Announcer on the Price is Right. He is also an Emmy Award winning Meteorologist .