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For a song that industry folk didn’t think stood a chance at making a lasting impact, “Bohemian Rhapsody” is certainly getting the last laugh once again.

Billboard reports the classic Queen track has re-entered the Hot 100 chart for the third time coming in at number 33 on the latest installment of the singles chart thanks to the success of the Freddie Mercury biopic of the same title.  Upon its original release, “Bohemian Rhapsody” peaked at number 9.  After its inclusion in the 1992 film Wayne’s World, the song made its second appearance on the Hot 100 at number two, which is its highest-charting spot ever.

Besides various Christmas songs, there are only two other songs that have appeared on the Hot 100 three separate times on spaced out occasions:  Prince’s “1999” and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

As far as company goes, being among the likes of “The Artist…” and “The King of Pop” is a bit of alright.


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